Curriculum Vitae

WU Tong (吴桐)


  • 10/08-12/11 University Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III (codirection with University Ca’Foscari di Venezia)
    Ph. D. Sciences of Language
  • 09/06-06/08 University Lumière Lyons II
    Master Sciences of Language
  • 09/03-06/06 University Lumière Lyons II
    B. A. Sciences of Language

Research fields

  • Morphosyntax: Chinese languages, Romance languages
  • Typology
  • Generative Grammar
Professional experience
  • 10/08
    Laboratory Dynamique du Langage – ISH – CNRS Lyons
    Linguistic Engineer: “Lyon Literacy Workshop 2008”
  • 05/07, 07/07-12/07, 07/08-08/08, 03/09-05/09
    Laboratory Dynamique du Langage – ISH – CNRS Lyons
    Linguistic Engineer : project “Structures verbales dans le discours maternel adressé aux enfants : des données spontanées à la simulation d’apprentissage”
  • 02/07
    University Lumière Lyons II Lyons
    Linguistic Engineer : project “La notion de ‘complexité syntaxique"
  • 09/06-12/06
    Laboratory Dynamique du Langage – ISH – CNRS Lyons
    Database analyst: database UNIDIA
  • 07/06-08/06
    University Lumière Lyons II Lyons
    Computer Engineer: project “Efficacité des TICE”
  • 01/06-06/06
    Laboratory Dynamique du Langage – ISH – CNRS Lyons
    Trainee: study for the creation of a linguistic database


  • 07/14 - 07/18 School of European Languages and Cultures, Zhejiang International Studies University (ZISU) – Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
    Lecture: French language
  • 02/12 - 06/14 College of Foreign Languages, Nankai University – Tianjin, China
    Lecture: French language and linguistics
  • 09/11-12/11 Ecole des Enfants Intellectuellement Précoces de Lyon – Lyons, France
    Chinese course
  • 09/07-06/08 University Lumière Lyon II – Lyons, France
    TICE (Technologies de l’information et de la communication pour l’enseignement) B.A. first year

Book (here for a complete list with downloadable materials)

  • Wu, T. (2011d). La relativisation prénominale: typologie et dérivations. Sarrebruck:  Editions Universitaires Européennes.

Articles (here for a complete list with downloadable materials)

  • Chenu, F., F. Gayraud, B. Martinie & T. WU. (2007). Is computer-assisted language learning efficient for grammar learning? An experimental study in French as a second language. The JALT CALL Journal, 3(3), 85-93.
  • 吴桐.(2009b). 论法语名词词性的非理据性及其在教学中的意义. 法国研究, 74(3), 95-100.
  • WU, T. (2011e). The syntax of prenominal relative clauses: a typological study. Linguistic Typology, 15(3), 569-623.
  • 吴桐.(2012c).再论法语中被动意义的表达. 法语学习, (6), 33-35.
  • WU, T. (2012c). Prenominal relative clauses in Ethiopian languages. Studies in African Linguistics, 41(2), 213-252.

  • 吴桐. (2013a). 论法语定冠词与主有形容词的替换条件及其语法差异. 法语学习, (5), 45-47.
  • 吴桐. (2014). 论法语的vous和tu. 法语学习, (1), 44-47
  • 吴桐. (2015). 法语特殊疑问句的倒装. 法语学习, (6), 26-32
  • 吴桐. (2016a). 再论法语定冠词及其语义、语用特征. 法语学习, (5), 28-33
  • WU, T. (2016b). Chinese-style topics as indexicality. International Journal of Chinese Linguistics, 3(2), 201-244
  • 吴桐. (2017). 论语音/音系系统和句法/逻辑系统的同一性. 浙江外国语学院学报, (1), 33-39
  • 吴桐. (2018a). 关系从句的结构地位. 浙江外国语学院学报, (1), 40-52
  • 吴桐. (2018b). 法语形容词线性排序的语义特征制约及其认知基础法语国家与地区研究, (1), 51-58.
  • 吴桐. (2018c). 从语法结构到认知共性:通俗魁北克法语和通俗法国法语比较研究. 法国研究, (1), 101-111.
  • 吴桐. (待发). 法、汉疑问词原位疑问结构对比研究. 解放军外国语学院学报.
Book section (here for a complete list with downloadable materials)

  • 吴桐. (2018d). 《反对称性之后果:显性中心语关系从句研究》述评. 复句研究评论集,朱斌(主编),广东:汕头大学出版社,251-271.

Communications (here for a complete list with downloadable materials)

  • WU, T. (2008a). Adjunct relative clauses in Mandarin Chinese. Paris Meeting on East Asian Linguistics, 9th-10th June 2008, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris
  • WU, T. (2008b). ‘ba’ : transitivité prototypique. Morphosyntax Workshop, 7th November 2008, Laboratory Dynamique du Langage, Lyons
  • WU, T. (2009a). Some remarks on approaches of relative clauses within the Minimalist Program. EALing 2009, 17th September, 2009, Paris
  • WU, T. (2009c). Relative clause without complementizer in Mandarin, with reference to Cantonese. 5th International Conference on Modern Chinese Grammar, 28th-30th November 2009, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
  • WU, T. (2011a). "Subject" in Mandarin. XXIVème Journées de Linguistique d'Asie Orientale/24th Paris Meeting on East Asian Linguistics, 30th June-1st July 2011, EHESS, Paris
  • WU, T. (2011b). Notes on language contact within the Minimalist architecture. 8th Workshop on Syntax & Semantics (WoSS8), 17th-18th November 2011, Paris
  • WU, T. (2012a). Head movement as PF movement: evidence from Mandarin relative clauses. The 20th Annual Conference of the IACL (IACL-20). The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 29th-31th August 2012, Hong Kong.
  • 吴桐.(2012b). 论法语的定冠词何时可以代替主有形容词. “新形势下的法语人才培养战略”学术研讨会,2012年10月27日,湖南长沙.
  • 吴桐.(2013b). 论汉语的名词性“和”字结构. 中国句法语义(青年)论坛(SSiC),2013年10月15-17日,江苏昆山.
  • 吴桐.(2013c). 论法语的vous和tu. “中法建交与法语教学”学术研讨会,2013年12月6-8日,广西南宁.
  • 吴桐. (2014). PD structure of prenominal relative clauses. The 8th Annual International Free Linguistics Conference, 26th-27th, September 2014, Shanghai JiaoTong University, Shanghai, China.
  • 吴桐. (2015). On the non-phasal derivation of linear ordering. 2015 International Conference on Language Form and Function. (ICLFF), 27th-29th, March 2015, Suzhou University, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China.
  • 吴桐.(2017d),从语言类型学来看汉语的主语,第三届语言类型学国际学术研讨会,2017714-16日。上海外国语大学。上海。

Invited Talkings (here for a complete list with downloadable materials)
  • 吴桐. (2017a). 埃塞俄比亚语言区名词前关系从句类型学研究. 2017年4月20日,上海外国语大学,上海.
  • 吴桐. (2017b). 法语关系从句的双重系统. 2017年6月4日,复旦大学,上海.
  • 吴桐. (2017c). Prenominal relative clauses and DP. 关系从句论坛,2017年9月22日,上海财经大学,上海.
  • Grant "Bourses Aires Culturelles" of Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3, 2009, Paris, France
  • Young Scholar Scholarship (2nd prize) of the 5th International Conference on Modern Chinese Grammar, 28th-30th November 2009, HongKong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong


  • Chinese: mother tongue
  • English/French: fluent
  • Hebrew/Italian/Spanish: beginner

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